Our Policies

Refund Policy:

Link3 Technologies LTD has a simple refund policy. When a customer has paid for a Link3 internet connection, the refund will be processed as follows–

  • 1. Refund will be made on the next working days after service cancellation by the subscriber in case of bKash payment and within 3 working days in case of bank payment.
  • 2. Once installation is done, if the customer wants a refund then the customer will get back the security deposit money (if applicable).
  • 3. The customer may also get back the extra subscription fee stored in his/her account if applicable.

Delivery Policy:

Within three days, Link3 Technologies LTD will provide the services to the subscriber Link3 will notify the subscriber at earliest hours in case of any unexpected delay.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation of a connection request will be permitted for the following reasons only –

  • 1. If a customer relocates to a location outside of Link3’s coverage area.
  • 2. If a customer remains inactive without renewing within 1 month from being inactive, then the connection will be cancelled and customer have to return the ONU device.
  • 3. If the customer decides to cancel the connection.
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