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Business Digitization

Lan Managed

Link3 has several skilled teams who can provide Wired and Wireless Local Area Network ( LAN) services. Different corporate organizations required different types of LAN setup solutions. Link3’s skilled professionals do the necessary survey and select the best possible product according to the service requirement.

WAN Managed

Link3 provides dedicated High speed internet connectivity through primary and secondary link, WAN solution, high availability, and nationwide coverage all over in 64 districts.24/7 support and service center.

Server or H/W Colocation

Link3 provides renting space for the servers and other computer H/W at a third-party provider data center facility.

Local Hosting

We have a full range of Web services that are designed to meet any or all of your needs.

A.W.S. Solutions

Link3 provides technical reference implementations built and vetted by AWS Architects and AWS Partners, designed to help customers solve the common problems faced by their peers around the world.


Link3 provides Microsoft Certified engineers for Office and Azure Services


Link3 is a Hardware and Appliance Provider (Cisco Meraki , Juniper, Barracuda and Fortinet Partner)

Anti-virus Solution

Link3 offers e-Set Antivirus Solutions, and Kaspersky Antivirus Solutions, Sophos, Trend Micro cybersecurity solutions.

Anti Spam Solutions

Link3 offers Barracuda Anti Spam Solutions for Email.

SSL Certifications

We provide Digicert SSL Certificate and also provide installation support. We also provide all kinds of OV, DV and EV SSL Certificates.

Communication & Collaboration

Email and Office Apps

Link3 is the Microsoft Gold CSP provider in Bangladesh and offers Zimbra Email Solution.

Internet Protocol Telephony Service Provider

Link3 Technologies Limited acquired BTRC approved Internet Protocol Telephony Service Provider (IPTSP) license in September 2009. Since then Link3 Technologies Limited has been providing IP Telephony service to its valued customers. Link3 has state of the art voice over IP infrastructure for domestic and international telecommunication. Link3 has redundant connectivity with ICX (Inter Communication Exchange) for domestic Mobile/PSTN calls and with IGW (International Gateway) for ISD calls.

Bulk SMS and Email

We have our own software for bulk SMS or E-mail services

Video Communications

We provide all kinds of licenses of video conferencing software. Such as: Google meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom etc.

Domain Hosting

We have a full range of Web services that are designed to meet any or all of your needs - 1. Web Development 2. Web Hosting 3. Domain Registration 4.Interactive and Database Driven Web Sites 5. Business to Customers (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) Web Sites

HRMS and Payroll

Link3 provides HRMS and account to payroll solutions. One such solution is DigiGO HR Application by

Broadband & Custom Internet Service

Link3 has its own IIG with Digital business platform with Equinix, upstream connectivity through SMW4 and SMW5 with high availability and redundancy, guaranteed uptime and resolutions under Service Level Agreement.

Fiber and Radio Connection

Link3 provides nationwide fiber optic and radio connectivity, nationwide 55 local offices for last mile support & services.

IP-secured VPN/ Nation-wide Data Connectivity

We offer secure VPN Data services specially designed for Banks and corporate, with highly lucrative pricing structure as well as unparalleled data security assurance.

Broadband & Custom Internet Service

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