Link3 Ultra Packages

Why Link3 IPTV?

  • HD Picture Quality

  • Single Connection for both Internet & TV Channels

  • Additional Bandwidth for IPTV Packs

  • Affordable Monthly Fee with Bundle Pack

  • Zee TV Entertainment Channels

  • 120+ Channels

  • 24/7 Recording any Program

  • No Effect of Power Cut

Terms & Condition

  • Installation Charge is Tk. 999 (After 75% Discount). Regular Installation Charge is Tk. 3999
  • For Existing Customer, Click here or Visit www.link3.net/migrate for Package Migration.
  • Installation charge is not refundable after the installation service is done.
  • Set-Top-Box is Link3’s property. If customer wants to discontinue IPTV, Link3 will take it back.
  • If customer wants to discontinue Ultra pack, s/he needs to migrate to regular pack.
  • There will be no cost for same internet base pack migration. However, changing internet base pack will have applicable migration charge. Example: “Eagle Plus Ultra” to “Eagle Plus”: No charge; “Eagle Plus Ultra” to “Cheetah Plus Ultra”, applicable charge; “Eagle Plus Ultra to Cheetah Plus”, applicable charge. Migration Charge is free for Package Upgradation. (Any Lower Pack to Higher Pack)
  • If any customer wants to buy Set-Top-Box, he has to pay Tk. 3,999 + Applicable Installation charge.

Frequently Asked Questionnaire

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) uses Internet technology to send television programming to your TV. IPTV uses a broadband Internet connection for top international programming directly to your home without a satellite dish. Just connect your TV from your Link3 Internet ONU through Link3 HD Set-Top-Box, then sit back and enjoy.
Traditional satellite dish requires the customer to install a dish cable line on their TVs. IPTV offers a unique solution for customers to enjoy satellite channels & broadband internet connection in home/premise through one single connection. IPTV provides higher quality in more affordable price than traditional satellite service.
Link3 IPTV service picture quality will be glass type clear in your TV screen.
Installation Charge (OTC) for Promotional IPTV Service is 999 BDT until further notice. Regular OTC is 3999 BDT.
Monthly Fee of Promotional IPTV Service is 299 BDT until further notice. Regular MRC is 449 BDT.
All Prices are all inclusive of all Govt. VAT & Tax.
For having Link3 IPTV, you need to have running Link3 Internet Connection in your home and that needs to be in active mood. It will Run in any of your current Link3 Internet Pack.
Currently 120+ Channels are available and more popular channels will be coming soon.
No, we will provide separate additional bandwidth for using IPTV which will not affect your regular Internet Speed.
Yes, you can record and watch whenever you want.
Set-Top-Box is Link3’s property. If customer wants to discontinue IPTV, Link3 will take it back. If customer wants to own Set-Top-Box, then need to pay 3,999 BDT.
Warranty for Set-Top-Box is one year. The Remote will have no warranty.
There is no additional cost for installation of IPTV. However, we will provide free cable up to 10 meter for each connection. If you need additional cable over 10 meter, cost will be 25 BDT/Meter.
For cable channeling, cost will be BDT 10 for each meter.
No, you will need to have active Link3 Internet Pack.
To install and use the IPTV, you need the following:
  • Link3 active Internet connection of any pack
  • Any functioning TV (Smart TV, Internet TV, Android TV, LED, LCD, Plasma, Projection TV & CRTV) having HDMI Port or AV cord Port.
  • You can also watch IPTV on Laptop & PC Monitor if there is an HDMI port.
Yes, IPTV is perfect for people who live in an apartment! IPTV works well everywhere with high-speed internet, including apartment buildings or high-rise buildings.
NO. Our service is only available in Bangladesh.
NO, for each TV you need one individual separate subscription.
Pay bill as like as you pay for Link3 Internet bill through available Payments Option. Visit https://www.link3.net/payment-option
If while you are watching a channel the service appears to have paused, simply select and open another channel, then return to the original channel to see if it is now playing, this can be due to break in transmission for a second, the software will halt under these conditions.
Sometimes you may experience buffering due to any maintenance, cable cut or any other issues that affect internet networks. However, it the problem persists, Call to Our 24/7 Helpline at 09678-123123.