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By utilizing our superior server hosting capability, we bring you low-tariff Hosted IP Telephony to help you reduce the operation costs of your small business. In the hosted option, the only equipment installed on site is the IP phones and the soft phones and all the other hardware is hosted in Link3.

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The hosted IP Telephony system works

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    The telephone network is controlled on an application server over the Internet
    /Intranet by Link3

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    The system transforms analog signals into digital packets and transmits it over the Internet/Intranet

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    From the Internet/intranet, the call is then transmitted to the Hosted IP Telephony platform and then switched to the PSTN network or a different VoIP terminal

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    Connected through one hunting number and can be used by 4-10 users.

The advantages of a Hosted IP Telephony system are given below

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    Lower capital expenses

    Since there is no PBX system to install and maintain on the premises, there is much less expenditure on infrastructure and labor, besides considerable savings in time.

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    Enhanced Flexibility

    New extensions can be added and other outdated ones removed just by a request made via your online management portal, with no physical tinkering with equipment on the premises.

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    No Maintenance

    Regular and routine maintenance is needed for all telecommunication equipment and the responsibility falls on the company IT department. In the Hosted IP Telephony option, the hassle and cost of this requirement is eliminated, as the service provider's trained

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    Easy and seamless scalability

    In the onsite system, the in-house PBX would eventually have to be replaced if a larger system is needed, as these are designed with a particular range of user numbers in mind. In the Hosted PBX system however, the additional numbers are easily and seamlessly accommodated within the existing structure.