Link3 Technologies is one of the leading Internet and data communication service providers in Bangladesh. In order to provide high quality services Link3 has deployed it's own fiber and wireless network infrastructure throughout Bangladesh.

  • Full duplex Internet service at single or multiple sites with dedicated bandwidth.
  • Point to point and point to multi point fiber and wireless connectivity.
  • Internet route diversity.

Our Top Features

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Dedicated Internet Service

Our network covers the 64 districts of Bangladesh.

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Guaranteed SLAs

Service Level Agreement(SLAs) guarantee service uptime for our enterprise customers.

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Online Security

Your security starts with safer broadband with Online Security. Online Security helps protect every device connected to your Link3 broadband from websites hosting known malware, malicious content, scams and viruses.Whenever your devices are connected to your Link3 broadband service, Link3 is helping to protect them.

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24/7 Support

Our customer service representatives are available to serve you 24/7. Internet connectivity is now a vital factor in everyone’s lives and your happiness is our number one priority. Our technical team is always ready to handle all situations at the fastest possible time. Whenever you have a problem, we are here to take care of you through e-mail or through our 24x7 hotline.

Frequently Asked Question

When you are setting up a new connection - there might be a lot of questions you have on your mind. We like to keep it simple!

How can I communicate with link3 to raise any complain or feedback/what is the contact number of link3?

You can communicate with link3 in two ways a) through Hotline – 09678123123 b) by email – support@link3.net. Also can visit our official website at: www.link3.net or our Facebook for extended support www.facebook.com/Link3.Technologies.

What is the FTP server address? How do I get access to it?

Our FTP server address is www.cinehub24.com . If you want to get access to it, please e-mail our support team with your request at this following email address "support@link3.net"

What sort of package do you provide for the enterprise customers?

We provide customized packages for our enterprise customers. Contact with our sales representative for more details about the packages.